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 Melissa Navarro, a Compassionate Agent of Change
             Melissa Navarro is a tech savy independent licensed insurance agent.
WBy Tracy Peters
hile Medicare coverage commercials and
more. Part B will typically have a premium. The premium amount will depend on someone’s IRS tax return from two years back. Parts A and B are considered standard packages, can be used alone and are ran by the federal government. However, Parts C and D (Medicare Advantage Plans and Prescription Drug Plans) are only available by private health insurance companies; Medicare Advantage Plans contain additional benefits that are not offered by Original Medicare. Dental procedures, dentures, eye exams, and hearing aids are just some advantages that Parts C may completely cover or assist in cost that Parts A and B do not. Parts C and D are in-addition-to packages and require
Melissa is well versed in the Medicare plans that fits best for you.
coverage using existing plans, Parts A and B. Part D is also known as outpatient prescription drug insurance. This plan covers a variety of prescription drugs.
Providing exceptional customer service is key as to why Navarro is
referred to potential clients. She is highly recommended around town as the go-to licensed agent experienced in Medicare.
When beneficiaries are by themselves trying to navigate through different Medicare webpages and unsure how to answer certain enrollment questions, fearing they may
     mailers occasionally show up, some people may be in the unknown when it comes to what Medicare entails. This can even be
said for some beneficiaries who are needing coverage or who are currently covered. Before enrolling, it is best to be informed of all Medicare plans available. There is not a one plan for all since every option should be discussed until the client selects the Medicare Plan that better fits their needs.
Melissa Navarro is an independent licensed insurance agent for Golden Outlook Insurance Services. She has been licensed for 14 years and in the insurance business for 10 years. Navarro is contracted with several health plan carriers. This privilege allows her clients to shop and select through a variety of health insurances to pick the plan that better fits their needs. When she sits down with her clients, Navarro conducts a needs assessment and reviews the following: an entire prescription list, preferred specialists and doctors, medication costs, co-pays, and any other important details the client brings to attention. The goal is to evaluate Medicare plans and choose what is going to fit their medical needs.
Throughout the year, Navarro hosts Medicare 101 educational events where customers can learn important facts about Medicare. She can help answer your questions about Medicare. Contact Navarro for her calendar on upcoming events.
Seeing the growing need in those looking for enrollment assistance, Navarro knew she needed to step up and be a helping hand for San Antonio elders. It’s a responsibility that Navarro takes seriously because her clients take medical coverage seriously too, “I provide information that will determine their health care cost and health care services, so I respect and listen to their needs before choosing a plan that may help reduce the stress level when trying to make the right decision.”
Medicare is organized into four main sections. Part A focuses on hospital visits, including home health and hospice care. Part A usually has no cost for those who were employed at least 10 years in lifetime. Part B provides medical services such as doctor appointments, preventative health, lab tests, x-rays, mental health, and
Melissa is available to help online and in person.
make a mistake, this can bring unneeded anxiety to some customers. Navarro goes above and beyond her standard duties, “There is a lot of help available for seniors however, I’m compassionate about the services I offer my clients so many appreciate me and pass along my business card to people they know.” It can truly make a difference. Calling Navarro directly is an incentive her clients appreciate, and she is also appreciative for every single one of her clients.
Tech-savvy on social media, Navarro keeps up with her social media platforms to post about future events, new Medicare updates, and more. In addition to her educational sessions, Navarro hosts formal marketing/sales events. Networking through multiple avenues like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, she reaches the Medicare community. People can find Navarro on her Instagram and Facebook pages, TeamUp4Coverage (same name for both platforms).
For more information, visit
or call Melissa Navarro at
        October 2021

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