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 One Dark and StormyNight...
   By Debbie Seguin
A nyone who has known author V.P. Nightshade for any length of time is not at all surprised that she is an author. Having started writing at the ripe old age of 7, Ms Nightshade has
persistently honed her craft over the years. She was the news editor for her high school paper and the editorial editor in her senior year. “In college, I took every writing course that was available,” she recalls. And she found her passion: writing fiction stories.“The best thing about being a writer is creating your own worlds, your own characters,” she says.
Some of her ideas for her writing come from her travels. Growing up in Iowa, she married a Navy man and traveled to many different places, reveling in the people and cultures, hearing their stories and realizing people have a lot in common. “Meeting others outside my comfort zone has made me a better writer,” says Nightshade.
Ms Nightshade describes her writing process as beginning with an idea, an idea that just won’t go away, so she runs with it. “Sometimes, your characters can take over a manuscript. You think you know it all in your mind but then your characters will head in a different direction! It’s always an adventure!”
Her new book, The Choice, is a romance adventure involving a vampire. “But it’s really about relationships, betrayal of those you love, the sacrifices you make for what’s most important in your life, and how you respond to triumphs and failures life brings your way.” Her characters, although paranormal in nature, are set in the “real world.”“I get my ideas from the people around me, their struggles, how they interact, day-to-day life” Nightshade says. The Choice came to her in a dream. “Basically, the whole prologue was my dream. I wrote the prologue in full and outlined the rest in one weekend,” she shares.
The Choice
Sometimes the most heartbreaking choices are the only ones we can make.
V.P. Nightshade, Book Author
Her next project is a sequel and a prequel to The Choice. “My readers are basically demanding this and I am happy to oblige!” she says as she rearranges the monitors on her L-shaped desk. “The two new unexpected characters need a place to expand,” she explains.
V.P. Nightshade has come a long way since her very first attempts at writing. “I wrote a fantasy about a group of teens involved in time travel. I still have the outline and notes,” she laughs. “Perhaps when I’m done dancing with vampires, I will blow the dust off of that manuscript and breathe new life into those characters.”
Now, Always, Forever
(publication date: February, 2022)
Sequel to The Choice.
For the time being, V.P. Nightshade is following her own advice and is “making time to write every day.” No doubt her persistence will thrill many readers to come
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     Almost sidetracked completely during the pandemic in 2020, Ms Nightshade reassessed her priorities and finished herbook.“Don’tletanythingstopyou,”isheradvicetothe budding author, or to anyone with any “bucket list goals.” “The mundane tasks of life are always going to be there. Don’t let anything stop you.” One of her guiding principles to becoming a successful author is to “make time to write.” It may seem like a simple mantra, but “if you don’t make time, take time, to write, you will not make it as an author.”
Nightshade gives a lot of credit to her fans. “My fans are everything to me,” she says. “I love to answer questions about the story and characters. I love it when fans tell me my stories make them laugh, cry, and even be angry. As an author, it warms your heart to know others love your characters as much as you do.”
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