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 The Failure Of On-Line Doctor Prescription Writers And Why Labs,
RBy Dr. Donna Becker
ecently, a man came to me who
had merely filled out a form on
the internet and then was sent a prescription for testosterone. A friend had told him I prescribed testosterone and obtained a lot of tests that had really helped him. For example, I order for nearly all patients an advanced blood test, that answers these questions:
~Are eggs good for me or not? Are they adding to a cholesterol problem? (TMAO) ~Am I at risk for a sudden blood clot like a famous TV celebrity who is now the spokesperson for an anti-clotting medication?
~What exactly is my inflammation ratio? With this test, I can tell the client, to take more fish oil or eat less omega 6 foods or both.
Most importantly, this test quantifies the LDL particle number which, unlike total cholesterol, really is related to risk of heart attack. We all know people who have heart attacks with low cholesterol. Surprisingly, this large test profile is generally paid by Medicare and most insurances.
Incredibly, women are commonly told that hormone levels don’t matter in menopause and instructed to take the same medication given to every woman—or take
Explanation, + Consultation Are Vital many other tests. (For some reason, these
Dr. Donna Becker in practice for over 30 years with a focus on hormone replacement for the past 15 years. Free 15 min. consult.
Dr Donna Becker
Specializes in anti-aging & health maintenance medicine.
(210) 545-5224
  tests are generally NOT paid by insurances!) I tell people that I am giving them a mirror to look inside themselves and that now we know what to fix or replace!
People who want information and detailed guidance tailored to them are my preferred clients. Seeing people like the man with the on-line doc refreshes and re- energizes me as to my mission. Simply: I want to help people live fully, optimally. No age limit to living well.
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menopause woman’s hormones to match the average lab level seen after a period, when hormone levels are typically low and balanced.
I also order a lot of other labs that should be standard, but sadly are not like B12, homocysteine-a toxic blood marker for Alzheimer’s or heart disease, Ca-125 for women which may be a marker for very early ovarian cancer or uterine fibroids plus
I replace the
  Get Your Vitality Back!
Focus of Treatments:
• Hormone restoration to healthy young adults levels
• Thyroid issues
• Hot Flashes/ Night Sweats
• Moodiness, “Emotionality”
• Loss of Libido
• Brain Fog
• Insomnia
• Bone Loss
• Vitamin Deficiencies
• Blood levels guide treatment
Men’s issues:
Erectile, Dysfunction, Fatigue and Weight Gain
The Enhancement
of Life Center
  Dr. Donna Becker and Mr. Roderick Kuwamoto, PA
   Call to schedule your FREE consultation (210) 545-5224
14603 Huebner Rd,. Suite 2601 (Huebner & NW Military)
 Mission: Mobility
By Nancy Dieckow
I magine if you had to crawl every place you needed to go because you have a birth defect or have had an illness or accident that robbed you of the use of your legs. Since you also live in a developing country with very few paved roads and sidewalks, a regular medical wheelchair is of little
It is the mission of
Mobility Worldwide
to make and ship
specialized hand powered wheelchairs to these least served people. These carts enable them to access health care, markets and schools and often aid them in supporting themselves as well as improving their quality of life.
Mobility Worldwide – San Antonio is the charity of choice for the Del Webb HCR Annual Arts and Crafts Festival (see ad on this page). By providing services, the sale of snacks, food and handcrafted wooden products and conducting a raffle of vendor
donated items they were able to build and ship 12 carts with proceeds from the 2019 Festival. These carts resulted in 12 changed lives!
Plan now to attend the Festival, shop from a great selection of handcrafted goods and support the mission of Mobility Worldwide.
    October 2021

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