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 Hormones: Restore,Rebuild,&Maintain By Dr. Donna Becker
 W ithout hormones, women wither and dry up after their ovaries stop producing hormones. Atrophy of the vaginal area
brings the most patients to my office:
“It felt like he was stabbing me, tearing me apart!” The vaginal area doesn’t just become dry, the opening actually narrows and shrinks. Over the counter lubricants do not fix this problem. The tightness of the opening is still there but moist—so what. However, this shrinkage and drying up of the tissues can be reversed with estradiol. The vagina becomes its muscular, moist self again, ready for action. I often prescribe a tiny bit of estradiol to insert into the vagina forafewweekstohurryupthisrestoration. I also prescribe estradiol in sufficient amount orally or trans dermally to bring the lab
value up to young adult level.
Libido, the drive and desire for sex,
often declines sharply in menopause. Testosterone also may be applied as a tiny bit of concentrated cream massaged into the tissues surrounding the vagina as well as the clitoris. Testosterone blood levels actually begin declining in the 20s!
Mentally, progesterone provides calmness, acceptance, and peace. Without progesterone, the menopause woman might be characterized as moody, irritable, and tearful at times. No, you don’t need an anti-depressant, sleeping pill, or other calming,addictivedrugs. Ibelievetheworst thing you can do is buy into the mental illness label.
In the peri-menopause woman who is just beginning to have hot flashes, insomnia, and feels uncontrolled anger or crying “over nothing,” progesterone provides welcome calmness. “I feel like myself again, back in control!” Progesterone decline may begin in the early to mid-forties. Menopause, the complete cessation of hormones, is generally around 50-51.
Kindness- continued from page 12
want a repeat performance of last time. All the while I thought to myself, “One of these days, this jerk is going to push me to the limit and be sorry.” At the time it was wishful thinking...but that is another story.
The bell rang at 3:00 P.M. and I got up and quickly started out the door. Then Mrs. Gilbert said, “Everyone can leave except Thomas.” I froze with fear. She also asked a boy named Roger Garza to remain. Mrs. Gilbert signaled me to approach her desk, she reached under her desk and pulled out a large rectangular box, the box read, “SEARS!” I was puzzled, what does this box have to do with me? As she unwrapped the content of the box, I took a quick look at Roger Garza; he also had a confused look on his face. Then my teacher took out this brand new thick black hooded jacket. The inside was lined with soft warm wool. She asked me to stand in front of her while she
Not everyone
Some women do not have symptoms of menopause. Hormone blood levels vary widely. Some women need a lot more hormones than others to achieve a young adult level. A careful history, physical, and frank discussion of the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy must be provided.
Dr. Donna Becker, in practice for over 30 years focused on hormone replacement for the past 15 years. Residency trained in Emergency Medicine. Certification in Advanced Bio- Identical Hormone Replacement with World Link Medical (not recognized by the TX Board of Specialties). Call for a free 15 min. consult. 210-545-5224,
Dr Donna Becker
Specializes in anti-aging & health maintenance medicine.
(210) 545-5224
sat and asked me to please try it on. With a big smile, her big blue eyes met mine and she said in a soft voice, “Well, Thomas I think this will fit you just fine.” I hope you like it.” Still dazed, I said, “Yes ma’am, thank you.” Smiling at Roger, Mrs. Gilbert said, “It looks good on Thomas, don’t you think Roger?” Roger answered, “Yes ma’am.” After a few minutes, Mrs. Gilbert told me as she held my hand, “Thomas I will pray for your dad’s full recovery.” She was sincere; the look on her face showed me a generous and true compassionate lady. Melted was the anger and hurt I had for this woman. I realized that the horrible world changing tragedy along with our families own life changing personal tragedy, a ray of compassion filled my heart. I will always cherish Mrs. Gilbert’s act of kindness.
 Reclaim Your Vitality With Bio-Identical Hormones
Focus of Treatments:
• Hormone restoration to healthy young adult levels
• Thyroid issues
• Hot Flashes/Night Sweats
• Moodiness, “Emotionality”
• Loss of Libido
• Brain Fog
• Men’s issues: erectile dysfunction, fatigue, weight gain
• Insomnia
• Bone Loss
• Vitamin Deficiencies
• Blood levels guide treatment
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