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2By Alissa Reinhard
020 has been a challenge – to say
for the goodness in our lives, but this year, many of us have been forced to view things through a different lens.
Nothing is guaranteed – not our health, our jobs, nor our lives as we know them. It’s important to live in the here and now, to make a conscious effort to shift your mindset, block out the distractions, and intentionally and wholeheartedly reflect upon your blessings and thank God for each
one. Just remember - family is everything, a good laugh does wonders for the soul, and every day is a blessing.
 the least – but even with all the
chaos this year has presented us with, there is still so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season. One of the biggest lessons learned over these past eight months has been just how lucky we are to have the simplest of things in our lives. Things we once took for granted. Of course, we should stop and give thanks every day
Everyday Is A Blessing
   Thankful - Grateful - Blessed
Even though this year has been a challenge, there is still much to be thankful for. See what some of our readers are grateful for. Thank you for sharing! Happy Thanksgiving!
 We Are Incredibly Blessed
Kansas & was obviously, very excited the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl this year. We are incredibly blessed with what God has done in our lives & are thankful for the 9 married years he has given us.
2020 Has Made Me Refocus My Priorities & Appreciate People In My Life Even More
his year has been most challenging in all aspects of life for everyone. People losing
their jobs, businesses going under, and many people globally losing their lives to the novel coronavirus. Earlier this year, before the outbreak, my best friend, since freshman year of high school, gave me the devastating news that she was positive for breast cancer.
She had undergone chemo and a double mastectomy and thankfully survived and beat her breast cancer. As the year progressed, my mom, sister, and myself contracted Covid. My sister and I beat the virus, while our mom was hospitalized with Covid, pneumonia and almost died. Thankfully, she beat the Covid and was able to come home and recover. My sister and I lost our grandmother to Covid in July, unfortunately. Lastly, with so many people losing their jobs, I am lucky enough to still have my job and health benefits. 2020 has proven tough at least for most, and 2020 has beaten us all up, but I’m thankful that
years later! My husband, Chad, and I
recently celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary on August 12th. I’m beyond lucky to have come across Chad’s online dating profile on 11 years ago.
He is the most amazing dad to our 3 boys (hehada9yearoldsonwhenImethim,soI inherited a pretty amazing stepson). Peyton (20 years old) is going to school at Northwest Vista College, and our two younger boys, Griffey (8 years old) and Corbin (7 years old) are both in school at the amazing Helotes Elementary. We recently built our dream home in Helotes & absolutely love the area! We go to Gateway Christian Fellowship & have been so lucky to develop some pretty amazing friendships with other families we have met at church. I work as a Director of Sales for two unique Marriott hotels in the SeaWorld area & Chad is a retired Air Force veteran who served 20 years. Chad is from
y Courtney Brewer
 am thankful for 2 kids, 2 dogs – 9
y Courtney Wirtz
    Thankful For Loyal Family & Friends
my best friend survived breast cancer, I am thankful my mom and sister and myself all survived Covid, and I am thankful I still have a job. I’m thankful that most of my family is still intact. 2020 has been horrible and devastating, but I am thankful for it because it has made me refocus my priorities and appreciate the people I do have in life even more.
By Alice Lopez
I t sure has been a ride for 2020. In February, I became ill and my independent life as I knew it changed.
I could no longer do the ordinary day things in life without the help of my husband and 4 amazing children of ours. They have graciously tended to me every minute of the day. They prayed me through nights I would not have survived without them. I’m thankful treatment is leading me back to health. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the outpouring of love and endless support from loved ones. Although everyone has their struggles, they still unite to extend kindness and that strengthens me more than any medicine. I’m experiencing the meaning of what loyal family and friends truly means and for this my heart is thankful. .
I’m Grateful My World Was Turned Upside Down
BUy Deb Preston
npopular opinion: I’m grateful my world was turned upside down this year. It’s so easy to get
caught in this day-to-day revolving door, going through the motions of life without much thought. The pandemic forced me into this wonderful place where I couldn’t maintain my current pace anymore. It was impossible. So, I had to reassess my priorities, invest my time and energy in only the most worthwhile causes, and let go of the rest. It was incredibly freeing. I learned to slow down and to enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life...a cool morning
       breeze, catching up with neighbors from
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