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our respective driveways, my daughter’s sameandforthat,I’mgrateful. belly laugh. I will sincerely never be the
Thankful For God Giving Me A New Day to Wake Up To
hank you for the opportunity to be able to express my gratitude for so many things in my life. I am a
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  three-year cancer survivor I had aggressive breast cancer aggressive chemo I’ve never been able to return to work. I’m 53 years old. I have three beautiful grandchildren. I’m going through a divorce. I have a gorgeous family of nine siblings we all live about 10 minutes from each other my two awesome parents have been married 67 years and are both still living. But I can wake up another morning and so very thankful for this thing called LIFE. Life is good... It is meant to be shared... embraced... but most of all celebrated. I thank God for giving me each new day to wake up and make the best of
each and everyone. Family is amazing!
  Thankful For The Gift Of Standing Still
By Leilani Barrera
I’m thankful for the strong knit community I knew we had but was proven evident this year. I realized the importance of “doing nothing” and accepting the day for the day and enjoying the little things. As a local hairdresser/business owner, I was one of thousands out of work. I was given the gift of standing still. I went from busy mom, wife, and business owner, to staying home
and doing online school with my children. I’m thankful for my family, along with my church community, friends, neighbors, and the one thing that keeps my business in business, my clientele family! Community is so vital and important to me. It’s what I feel makes us who we are. It gives us purpose, drive, acceptance, and hope during the most difficult of times. Without it I have no
purpose, but with it I feel so fulfilled, and blessed!
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  Thankful For The Small Things In Life
By Nora Fraga
“It takes a village...” as they say, but our family became the village in one household. We were blessed to welcome a little boy during
this pandemic back in June.
I missed out on a lot of belly rubbing
from friends and relatives, OB appointments with my husband and even an indoor baby shower, but one amazing thing happened, my family grew closer. My husband was able to work from home and he did an amazing job taking care of the chores while I was with our son. He has cooked for the family or he ordered food to support businesses.
Our kids are distant learning but are never distant when it comes to helping me bring a bottle or two. So, during this pandemic, we learned more about each other, grew closer and we appreciate the
small things in life even more.
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