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Gonzaba Medical Group physicians.
Francisco explained. “Hospitals are often incentivized to admit patients or to perform surgery or procedures that often are not necessary. Our physicians work together to find best solutions for patients and focus on preventative, quality care which is really the opposite of how other medical groups and hospital systems work.”
Claire Gallegos is a patient at Gonzaba Medical Group. She feels grateful to have found a medical group that treats her like family.
“Gonzaba is the most complete Medical Center that I can imagine,” Gallegos stated. “There is every
service possible that I need. The statement ‘Como Familia’ really describes the way they make me feel. The relationships extend from the doctors and nurses taking care of us, all the way to the ones greeting us as we walk in.”
Gonzaba Medical Group offers Primary Care, Specialty Care (Dermatology, Endocrinology, Infectious Disease, Hematology/Oncology, Podiatry, Rheumatology, and Wound Care), Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Imaging Services, Palliative Care, and more. Gonzaba Medical Group is accepting new patients at all locations, including its newest and fastest growing location on Culebra, Northwest Medical Center, and is especially committed to helping senior citizens live full, active and healthy lives.
“It’s so special to be a part of my father’s vision and I feel privileged to be a part of a medical group with a model of care that truly puts the patient first,” said Francisco. “Our medical teams collaborate and connect with patients to help them lead healthier lives and I see the difference we are making here in San Antonio, especially within the senior population. Gonzaba Medical Group has a rich history with humble beginnings, and I’ve been privileged to be part of it and hope to continue Dr. Bill Gonzaba’s legacy.”
For more information, visit or call (210) 610-4497
Como Familia
 – Like Family
 Dr. Bill Gonzaba in the early days showing his parents, Minnie de la Fuente (large photo) and Fidencio Gonzaba, which he keeps on his desk at Gonzaba Medical Group.
IBy Alissa Reinhard
n 1960, Dr. Bill Gonzaba opened his very own medical practice – a one-room office located on South Flores. Born and raised on San Antonio’s southside, Dr.
Gonzaba knew that local, quality healthcare was difficult to come by. Growing up, he watched as his parents, friends and neighbors suffered due to lack of access to medical care and he was ready to change that. Today, over 60 years later, Dr. Gonzaba has transformed how healthcare looks and operates not just on the city’s southside, but all across San Antonio and South Texas. His founding principle, to treat all patients “Como Familia – Like Family,” has helped countless individuals lead happier, healthier lives.
Today, Gonzaba Medical Group has three comprehensive medical centers, five neighborhood clinics, and over 700 employees who all share Dr. Gonzaba’s passion for improving the lives of San Antonio residents and seniors. And although Dr. Gonzaba no longer treats patients, he’s a constant presence and reassuring force. His values of service, integrity, respect and pride are always at the forefront.
“He’s here, every day, setting the bar and driving us forward,” said Francisco “Paco” Gonzaba, Executive Director of Business Operations at Gonzaba Medical Group. “Como Familia is more than a tagline – it’s the culture he has instilled in us, it’s how we treat each other and our patients, I believe that’s what makes us different from other medical groups.”
Gonzaba Medical Group is one of the few remaining large independent medical practices in the U.S. founded by a physician, that continues to be a physician-led and physician-owned organization. So, what does this mean for patients?
“Because we aren’t tied to a larger corporate entity... we are completely independent which means we don’t answer to shareholders or an out-of-state Board of Directors – we can focus directly on the patient,” Francisco explained. “It’s our patients that matter – nothing else, and it shows in their care outcomes.”
Gonzaba Medical Group is patient-centered and physician-led which means that the doctors take the time needed to get to know the patient and ensure that they get the right care at the right time. In addition, Gonzaba
Medical Group physicians collaborate with one another, which results in the patient having a team of physicians rather than a single doctor, this is called the coordinated care model.
“We are based on a primary care model which means we practice family medicine, but we’re actually much more than that,” Francisco explained. “We have a whole ecosystem of services that provide patients a kind of ‘one- stop shop’ to all the care that they need.”
From physical therapy, to a full, state-of-the-art imaging suite including CT scans and radiology, Gonzaba Medical Group is able to treat the whole patient under one roof.
“For example, we recently had a patient who needed to be seen by an Oncologist as recommended by their Gonzaba primary care physician,”said Francisco.“Instead of referring her to the busy medical center, and having to wait weeks for an appointment, we were able to get her seen by our in-house Oncologist that very same day. Furthermore, that patients’ PCP and specialist will collaborate to create her custom-care program. Today in healthcare, care coordination is difficult to achieve, but it’s something we pride ourselves on, and we do it very well.”
Three of Gonzaba Medical Group’s locations also include urgent care centers where patients’ care can be better managed by a facility that already knows them well and treats them often.
“We really encourage our patients to utilize our urgent care centers rather than go to the Emergency Room,”
  Gonzaba Northwest location.
  November 2020

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