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  Being Thankful Through The Ups and Downs
DWe a r C o m m u n i t y ,
e hope this letter finds you well! It’s hard to believe we are already in the month of
November. Thanksgiving will soon be upon
COVID-19 has brought different
challenges to each one of us. It seems like it’s been an eternity living with the pandemic. It’s still seems strange to us that the world has changed dramatically from the year 2019.
Have these challenging times helped you to discover anything about yourself? Do you appreciate the little things more now than you used to before? Have you shown more kindness to those struggling? Do you appreciate others more now for what they do?
One of the things Ronnie and I are most grateful for is our family. We celebrated a 1-year birthday for youngest grandson in July! And our first grandson’s fourth birthday was this past October.
We are thankful for the health of our family and the milestones they have reached this year from job promotions and graduating from school. Enjoying the moments with family is precious and even more so due to COVID-19 making it harder to visit as often. We should never take little moments for granted. We have been forever changed with the challenges that
  Congratulations to our winner of the Great Pupkin Contest, Bella Catrina.
 have come our way and we have learned to appreciate the simple things in life even more!
Here at Highlights, we are so thankful to still be in business. Thank you to each and every advertiser and of course, our readers. We are grateful for each day God has granted us and we hope to continue to impact our community by bringing you uplifting news.
We hope this Thanksgiving brings you much love and that God shows his mercy and favor upon you. For those who are brokenhearted during these times, we pray for healing and new beginnings to come your way and for God to bring you close to Him. Don’t give up! God will again bring joy into your life.
Gina & Ronnie Barbera
   November 2021 3
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