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  A Heart Of Gratitude - Happy Thanksgiving!
 On The Cover:
ABy Caroline Turney
ccording to a 2020 article in
Psychology Today, the practice
of gratitude is a key element of a happier, more satisfying life. It can increase motivation, productivity, self-worth, and achievement as well as decrease anxiety, depression, trauma, and stress.
While pandemic, economic, and national conflict updates may make us question why we should be thankful, the answers are there if we take time to regulate our sensory
input. It centers around learning to identify our thoughts and control what is feeding our brain activity.
Finding five or ten minutes a day to unplug from world news and practice peacefulness gives us a chance to see the blessings in our lives. If we press pause, we can find them—clean water, food, shelter, fuel, electricity, pets, friends, family, and the very gift of life itself as evidenced by the beating of our own hearts. When we let
gratitude lead out attitude, we can’t help but look up.
#Sowkind – Scattering Kindness
our individual stories as our points of connection, and connection is the antidote to loneliness. We need each other.
If you see the red bus, you are invited. They might be story-swapping, serving to fill a local need, exercising, singing, or other activities. The possibilities are endless. Watch our social media channels for details.
They are looking for partners and encourage anyone wanting to get involved to reach out.
Not local? No problem. They would love to support you as you establish pop-ups in your area, so send them a message!
Sowkind isn’t a trend. It is a way of life, and it starts NOW!
Get on the bus! Search Sowkind on Facebook or Instagram or email to get more information!
    I Am Thankful For My Husband
SIubmitted By Crystal Coindreau
am most thankful for my husband, David. He is the most wonderful man, father, partner in life, and best friend.
I had given up on true happiness and a soulmate and then he showed up. He came into my universe and even through our ups and downs, he has never left my side.
I want to thank David for being my favorite person and for all the things he does to make our lives easier and more fulfilling. Since I’ve met him, I have awoken to a life filled with the greatest and deepest emotions that I didn’t even know I had. No words can express my gratitude to someone who has cared for me as hard as he has, with such love in his eyes, and kindness in his heart. I am very lucky and blessed that he’s mine. I love you, David.
Most Thankful
WBy Chaplain Charleen Burghardt
e don’t appreciate something until it is gone. This year brought new meaning for that
saying and for the things in my life that I took for granted.
As a chaplain in the hospital during the months of COVID, I listened to countless stories from patients with COVID and their family members. Patients share their gut- wrenching fear of not being able to breath, not knowing if they would live. Family often talked about the death and feared for the future.
As patients recovered, I heard overwhelming gratefulness for being able to breathe again. I repeatedly heard of the sacredness of life and the gift of breath.
    Your eternal love, Crystal Coindreau
      By Melinda Mattson
oday I awoke and got to see your face. Grateful ~ To be blessed by Gods good grace. Grateful ~ To
hearthepatteroffeetonthefloor. Grateful~ To see grandma and grandpa one day more. Grateful ~ For the food that keeps our bellies full. Grateful ~ For those moments God keeps my patience cool. Grateful ~ For those who surround me with such delight. Grateful ~ For the home and bed I get to lay on tonight.
TBy Laura Lerma
I am most thankful for the breath of life. In a moment, life-giving breath can be snatched away. I am thankful for each new day that brings new opportunities to love and give.
lyssa De Los Santos and Josie Barone have been scattering kindness for the past three years
[search #sowkind and #sowkindmovement to see what they have been up to], but now #sowkind is on the move! In August, they officially launched Sowkind as a new nonprofit. Cue the confetti!
In a season where social distancing has left many feeling disconnected and lonely, the pair hope to bring people together. Their vision is to cultivate connections that restore hope, dignity, belonging, and meaning in the lives of others through intentional kindness.
How will they do that? They offer pop- up experiences to cultivate community and establish new connections. A pop-up is a gathering to meet new people, participate in community service, share your story, and be known. Alyssa and Josie describe
November 2021

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