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   PVA Welcomes
Celso F. Uribe II, M.D.
Dr. Uribe is proud to provide compassionate, expert care for patients with
vein and artery problems, otherwise known as vascular disease.
This includes:
• Poor circulation
• Varicose and spider veins • Leg pain
• Blocked arteries
• Stroke prevention
• Aneurysms
• Dialysis access
• Amputation
    ... and more
For more information or to make an appointment:
210.614.7414 •
11212 State Highway 151 Medical Plaza 2 Ste 205, San Antonio, TX 78251
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 Just In Time
     BSy Dr. Donna Becker
he came to me like so many women, right after her periods had stopped. The usual age of menopause, when
the ovaries stop working, is age 51, but it can come as early as the 40s.
“Well, you are just in time”, I told her. When the ovaries stop functioning, the loss of bone and weight gain is the greatest in those first years. I explained that many doctors believe the beginning of menopause is the only time to replace hormones. However, Dr. Bredesen, who wrote THE END OF ALZHEIMER’S and Dr. Bluming who wrote ESTROGEN MATTERS along with many other physicians. believe we need youthful hormones all our lives. YES, when you are over 60, you REALLY do need hormones!
I explained to her that she had 3 sex hormones in her body as a young woman. Estradiol helps the brain to think, the skin to retain moisture and elasticity, builds bone, and promotes moistness of all mucus membranes. Progesterone promotes sleep and calmness, while testosterone adds zest and energy.
She had heard about the pellet type of replacement for hormones, but I explained to her that she would only be able to receive the testosterone pellet, later in therapy.
“With your intact uterus, I told her, if I gave you enough estradiol in a pellet form to help your body, it would cause you to have a period. The best way for you to
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to some semblance of normalcy, but millions of professionals are still working from home full-time. Remote working has afforded people more flexibility in regard to when they can travel this Thanksgiving. The online travel and bookings experts at Priceline reported in September that the busiest travel day for Thanksgiving at that point was Monday, November 15. That’s a week and a half prior to Thanksgiving. A return to in person learning may limit families’ ability to travel so early, but travelers who can work remotely and don’t have to take school into consideration should recognize that the
November 2021
take estradiol is by a patch, cream, tablet, or spray. I measure blood levels after you have been given the hormones in a daily application. Then, I can rapidly amend the dose if needed, judging by how you react and by your labs. You may eventually get testosterone pellet, but only after you and I know your best dose”.
We discussed the risks and side effects of hormone replacement therapy in the first 90 min. office visit. Blood clots, heart and liver issues, vaginal bleeding, and yes, even cancer has been reported to be slightly increased in persons who take hormones. Studies are on-going and not all physicians believe hormones are dangerous, I certainly do not.
Dr. Donna Becker, in practice for over 30 years, focused on hormone replacement therapy for the past 15 years. I completed residency in Emergency Medicine in Chicago and earned Certification in Hormone Replacement Therapy with World Link Medical (not recognized by the Tx board of Specialities). Call for a free 15 min. consult.
Dr Donna Becker
Specializes in anti-aging & health maintenance medicine.
(210) 545-5224
travel timeline has changed. That could make booking early flights more difficult and expensive than it used to be.
• Pack light. Travelers who intend to fly this Thanksgiving may want to avoid checking any luggage. Baggage fees can be expensive, but many airlines also have been forced to confront new issues that hadn’t been a problem in the past. For example, in June American Airlines was forced to cancel hundreds of flights due to pandemic- related staffing shortages. Staffing shortages can lead to confusion and last-
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        Get Your Vitality Back!
Focus of Treatments:
• Hormone restoration to healthy young adults levels
• Thyroid issues
• Hot Flashes/ Night Sweats
• Moodiness, “Emotionality”
• Loss of Libido
• Brain Fog
• Insomnia
• Bone Loss
• Vitamin Deficiencies
• Blood levels guide treatment
Men’s issues:
Erectile, Dysfunction, Fatigue and Weight Gain
The Enhancement
of Life Center
  Dr. Donna Becker and Mr. Roderick Kuwamoto, PA
   Call to schedule your FREE consultation (210) 545-5224
14603 Huebner Rd,. Suite 2601 (Huebner & NW Military)

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